Celebrate the Final Fantasy VII Remake With Some FFVII Cocktails


The Electronic Entertainment Expo, best known as E3, has officially begun! And the Los Angeles Convention Center is filled to the brim with video game enthusiasts. But what about those who couldn’t attend? E3 kept those folks in mind, because everyone had the chance to live stream the E3 Press Conference through YouTube. We could watch all the latest trailers and demos unfold before our eyes, but one piece of news in particular has been creating buzz on my social network.

During the Sony’s conference, the company’s VP, Adam Boyes, announced that Final Fantasy VII is finally getting its long awaited remake and will be first released for PS4. That means no more pixelated faces! We get to see every detail from the wear and tear of Cloud’s Sword to the dank, gloomy slums of Midgar.


With all this excitement over the remake, it’s best we celebrate! And what’s a party without alcohol? How about some Final Fantasy VII inspired cocktails? Thanks to The Drunken Moogle, we can quench our thirst. And remember, please drink responsibly.


Slow and Haste [Recipe Here]


Loveless [Recipe Here]tumblr_m86ttxNdtm1qa8q3yo1_500

Blood of the Ancients [Recipe Here]tumblr_lygwhcbTos1r4bl4oo1_500

Golden Chocobo [Recipe Here]tumblr_kyw2xr1Liz1qa8q3yo1_r1_500

Phoenix Down [Recipe Here]tumblr_lfnir3TGf81qa8q3yo1_500

The Frozen Moogle [Recipe Here]tumblr_krrquyIQMq1qa8q3yo1_400

Aerith/Aeris (Non-Alcoholic) [Recipe Here]


Life Stream [Recipe Here]tumblr_kswn3jaw5d1qa8q3yo1_400

Corrupted Life Stream [Recipe Here]tumblr_ktnajcRbu41qa8q3yo1_400

One Winged Angel Shot [Recipe Here]tumblr_ktks1274i51qa8q3yo1_250

The Chocobo Cocktail


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All photos courtesy of The Drunken Moogle.