Character Concerts: How Travis Atreo Has Adapted To Follow His Dreams

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Travis Atreo has constantly evolved his craft in order to make his voice heard and to become the artist he always dreamed of becoming. 

Atreo first got his start in the music industry the traditional way. He was the frontman of New Heights, a Seattle-based rock band, and toured all across the country at festivals. Eventually, New Heights broke through the noise when their song “Peaches” became a viral hit years after its initial release. They went on to collaborate with artists like Far East Movement and played the ISA Festival in Los Angeles in 2011. 

But even after that success, New Heights had exhausted all of their options to be where they wanted to be. Atreo’s goal was always to be able to pay the bills by making music, but the band didn’t have the means at the time. “We had gone on multiple nationwide tours, we had been talking to a major label—they passed on us—and we felt like our fans were very spread out,” he lamented about the days of Myspace. “We didn’t have the social tools we have now to foster relationships with fans across the world.”

Atreo ended up moving to Los Angeles after New Heights went on an indefinite hiatus and started producing songs with friends Dan Matthews (DAN aka DAN), ClaraC and others, realizing that they had amassed a large following on YouTube. Soon after, he started his own channel and began posting weekly song covers of Top 40 hits where he later caught the attention of Taylor Swift and her millions of fans. 

As his popularity grew, Atreo had a newfound confidence to pursue his own music. “My whole plan with doing weekly covers was with the hope that I would grow a fanbase and then I’d be able to release my own original music to that fanbase,” he explained, “If people enjoy my covers, maybe some of those people will enjoy my original music.” In 2017, he released his first EP, “Keep Hope Alive,” which features all his own music, including the hit “Somehow.”

Since, his career has only been moving upwards. Atreo has performed all over the world, collaborated with artists like Amber Liu and released two full-length albums—of which his latest album, “DIGITAL FEELS,” was released during quarantine. Despite all that is going on in the world, Atreo reminded us that there’s always a chance for artists to become who they want to be, regardless of traditional molds that may be in place. 

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