Character Concerts: Krost Returns to the Stage and Reignites Her Passion for Music

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Southern California-native musician Krost, with her alternative indie sound, wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable on this week’s episode of Character Concerts and opened up about her creative struggle during quarantine. 

Krost grew up in the burgeoning age of YouTube, where she saw how Asian American musicians had built “a meaningful community of listeners.” It ultimately inspired her to pick up the acoustic guitar and, within a couple of months, teach herself the chords of every song she knew. But while she was posting covers on YouTube, Krost didn’t really pursue music seriously until college when she began going to concerts. 

Among the crowds and the thump of speakers, she became obsessed with the feeling of a live show. “I felt very seen and less isolated,” she expressed. “I think there’s a very beautiful relationship that exists between artist and listener.” Her experiences drove her to take the next step to begin writing songs of her own. She self-produced her first album “Doldrums” in 2017, and by 2019, filmed her first music video for her song “Sting” and co-wrote her “Feel Alive” EP with friend Ricky Sampson. Krost felt validated as an artist as she was playing shows and building her own community of listeners. 

However, like most things in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Krost as the singer-songwriter felt constrained in the way she could connect with her audience. “I started to feel stagnant,” she explained, “like I wasn’t growing at all…like music was no longer fulfilling.” But all it takes is one spark for someone to come out of the lull and Character Media is lucky enough to capture it on camera for everyone to see. 

Watch Krost’s full performance and interview above, and make sure to visit her GoFundMe page to help support her work!