Character Conversations: Mayling Ng and Mike Angelo Are Rising Stars of the Action World

Mayling Ng and Mike Angelo are on their way to international stardom on the backs of incredible action-packed movies fit for audiences everywhere. From opposite sides of the world, the rising stars sat down virtually to discuss their latest projects, their experiences with stunts and much more. 

Ng is the newest star of the DC Extended Universe. She first burst onto the scene in the 2017 “Wonder Woman” as the Amazonian Orana and will play Mongal, a badass alien warrior, in the upcoming “The Suicide Squad.” Meanwhile, Angelo is a multitalented singer and actor from Thailand. He made his English-film debut with the high-stakes heist film “The Misfits” as Wick, a fun-loving explosives expert who is a part of the international group of do-gooders. 

The two started off the conversation by trading stories of living in Asia, as Angelo goes back and forth between Thailand and Mainland China while Ng spent a number of years in Singapore, which quickly evolved into their respective relationships with action scenes and martial arts. Angelo admitted to not having formal training, but rather learning martial arts tricks from YouTube. “I don’t really take actual classes or anything like that,” he said. “I was just looking on YouTube and trying to imitate [the form] … and the director liked it.” 

Ng, on the other hand, revealed that while she looked like she could do stunts, that is far from the case. “I can do weapons, I can do fights,” she said, owning up to knowing Shaolin Kung Fu. “But getting hit by a car and doing backflips, I’m like ‘Where’s my double?’” With a laugh, Ng also mentions how massive “The Suicide Squad” movie is in scale, not only in terms of production but in talent as well. “I tried not to show that I was absolutely terrified … like, ‘Yeah, it’s okay. There’s Idris Elba—there’s Margot Robbie,’” she recounted, naming some of her all-star castmates. “I’m sitting next to Margot Robbie and I’m doing dialogue with her and all these major talents that I just really admire and look up to.” 

Angelo also had his fair share of legendary scene partners. “I was sitting next to Pierce Brosnan and I was like, ‘Oh dang [it’s] 007,’” he recalled. “It was a really cool experience. Everyone and all of the cast [were] just so nice to me, and Jamie Chung … she’s really nice. We had a good time.” Being Angelo’s first English-speaking role, it was important for him to feel comfortable communicating on set. And with his apparent fluency of multiple languages, there are more opportunities for him in the future which Ng noted. “I’m trying to learn the American accent for more films,” she told him after explaining her mix of the Liverpool and Singaporean accents. “More roles come my way and they always want me to do an American accent.” 

They both share the drive to pick up new skills and go after the next big thing. If their breakout Hollywood roles are any indication of where their career is set to go, Ng and Angelo are only destined to go up.

Watch the full conversation above to hear more!