Ching Chong Ting Tong

Graphic by Allen Lee

Alexandra Wallace, a polite American girl, decided to make a video venting about impolite people – specifically, impolite Asians who like to hang out in libraries.

The UCLA student, who was raised correctly by her American parents, vented her frustrations about these Asians, who apparently bother her just a bit – you know, with all their ching-chongs and ting-tongs, and oh, you know, their concern for people who may have been affected by the tsunamis.
How dare they.

All that annoying behavior distracts her from her political science studies, which evidently leads to extreme political incorrectness. On behalf of the Asians in the libraries, we’re very sorry about this.

Watch Alexandra Wallace’s rant below – it’ll make your day.

(A.N. This was sarcasm, by the way.)