Cool Tool or Hot Brown Mess?

Do you tire of endless up and down motions trying to unclog your toilet with a traditional plunger? Mark Frauenfelder, the founder of Boing Boing and editor-in-chief of Cool Tools, recently highlighted this fascinating Korean toilet unclogger, which is more like a seal than a plunger.

Frauenfelder said he would be a bit nervous about the plastic film you wrap around the toilet bowl bursting after you flush, though notes it’s hopefully too strong for that to occur. “You also have to make sure the seal is perfect, otherwise you run the risk of getting squirted with dirty toilet water,” he wrote.

Some commenters to the original YouTube demo of this unclogger doing its thing raised another concern: the mess that’s created when you unseal the film and have to dispose of it.

The blogger goes on to warn against watching the demo video, especially if you get sick to your stomach at the sight of dirty toilet water. And we would like to echo that warning. Please proceed with caution…

Are you still with us? Then, you might appreciate this next thought. One of our staffers noted that if you carry this seal around, you can prevent episodes like this:

Yeah, we went there. Sorry! Gotta love potty humor.