Cupidrop Brings the Best Asian Skincare & Beauty Products to America


Trying to get your hands on Asian beauty products but don’t know how? We have the solution! Just check out Cupidrop, a new online retail company based in New York City.

Quickly becoming popular among both beauty bloggers and various women alike, this new retail company carries the latest and and most effective beauty products from Korea and Japan. We were lucky enough to get a chance to talk with Cupidrop’s Chief Beauty Officer (CBO) Kate Cha, and she told us what the beauty company is all about and what we can look forward to seeing from their trending new store.



Audrey Magazine: Can you tell our readers more about, what the company does and why it started?

Kate Cha: Cupidrop is an online retailer that offers Korean and Japanese Skincare & Beauty products to the mainstream U.S. Market. Cupidrop began with the simple idea of offering good skincare products at great prices. On my frequent business trips to Korea, I always discover great beauty items no one has ever seen in the U.S. Market at awesome price points. By carrying these great products, I make sure that no one is missing out.


AM: Is there a specific reason why you guys chose to sell Korean and Japanese beauty products?

KC: Well due to my Korean heritage, I have a close familiarity with these beauty products; and that is why I am confident that they work. In my opinion, Korean & Japanese beauty products are more progressive than those that are available on the Western market. Asian beauty products are well made, beautifully packaged and reasonably priced, which puts a smile on everyone’s face.


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AM: Cupidrop is a very interesting name for a company, is there a special meaning behind it?

KC: Cupid is the God of love. We want our company to bring everyone love & beauty. We genuinely care about your skin and we want to take care of all your beauty needs. All the packages delivered to you are from Cupid, filled with our love.


AM: What sets your company apart from other beauty retailers?

KC: So many of the existing online retailers carry already prominent name brands such as Laneige, Hera, Iope and Etude, Tony Moly. While we also carry familiar brands, our aim is to bring fresh, innovative products to our clients. Our products may not be as well known, but they always have amazing results. Besides, we have more fun working together with  our customers to discover and share new brands.


AM: You are the only U.S. based retailer that carries certain Korean skincare lines such as A.True. How do you guys hear about the latest and most up to date skincare products?

KC: As I mentioned earlier, I often travel to Korea around 4-5 times a year. The way I come across these undiscovered new brands can be as simple as just talking to my local friends from Korea. Sometimes hearing it from a friend and trying it out for yourself is the most reliable and personal way.

Every time I visit, there are constantly new brands that are popping up – Koreans are serious about their skin – with 5 to 6 new brands launching each time there are always new products to pick from.

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AM: What do you look for when deciding which products to sell? What sort of research is done?

KC: Every single product on the website — I currently use and have tested, or have used in the past and had great experiences with. I naturally have dry, sensitive skin with occasional eczema flair ups. However, my extremely sensitive and dry skin not only tolerates but also benefits from these products. With that and many trial runs, I am comfortable to say that most skin types will take well to our products without any problems.



AM: Is Cupidrop exclusively an online beauty retail store or are you planning on expanding your company to other locations?

KC: Due to recent changes in consumer shopping, online retailers are often finding more success and bringing in higher sales than off line retailers. This is why we currently plan to stay as an online retail business. However, if our online store is successful, we hope to one day open a store with a similar layout as a Sephora Makeup Retail store. The only difference would be that we would carry various Korean & Japanese beauty products.



AM: Why did you decide to incorporate a blog section into your website?

KC: Blog sections have become an essential aspect to any upcoming beauty website.  People love to read about how products worked out for them, and they want to share their input and discuss with others about the products!

We also have different beauty bloggers review our products in detail and these reviews get posted on our blog.  This enables our readers to get an in depth understanding about our products before making their purchase.



AM: Skincare is clearly a primary focus for your company. Being a girl who has dealt with acne, I know that a lot of skincare lines can be rather harsh and irritating to troubled skin. Are the brands offered on the site catered towards all skin types?

KC: Most of our products are catered towards all skin types. However, we also have specific lines that are suitable for acne-prone skin, such as Cosrx.  Acne is no longer a problem exclusive to teenagers; many adults suffer from acne due to stress and changes in hormone levels. Adult acne is a common but often under-recognized problem. Here at Cupidrop, we make sure to address all matters of the skin.


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AM: Are there any new developments that we will see from Cupidrop in the near future?

KC: For now Cupidrop carries mostly skincare products. However, we are planning on bringing in a color makeup line which will definitely be a spicy addition to our brands! We also plan on holding exhibitions at world renowned beauty conventions such as Cosmoprof to educate consumers and spread the word about Korean & Japanese beauty products to our international audience.


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For more information, check out Cupidrop’s official website, Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.


Photo Courtesy of Cupidrop’s official Facebook page