Dolly de Leon and Kathryn Bernardo Face Off in ‘A Very Good Girl’

Navigating work relationships is never easy, especially as a self-made career woman. And no one knows better than Philo, a young yet ambitious employee who initially believes that she’s found the maternal figure she always wanted in Mother Molly — a retail mogul who takes a particular interest in Philo.  The latest trailer for the upcoming dramedy “A Very Good Girl” shows Golden Globe Award and BAFTA Award Nominee Dolly de Leon and Filipino actress Kathryn Bernardo portraying Molly and Philo respectively, as the pair begin to spiral down as their once-friendly relationship falls into disrepair. Not only does the trailer tease the intense standoff between the two former allies, but there are plenty of ridiculous moments that hint towards the movie’s more humorous moments, so if you were a fan of de Leon’s deadpan comedic moments in “Triangle of Sadness,” you won’t be disappointed. 

The film is directed by Petersen Vargas and written by Marianne Mancol and is set to be released on Oct.6. “A Very Good Girl,” is the newest endeavor of ABS-CBN’s efforts to globalize Filipino films and television series and make it accessible to a global audience.