Don’t Miss This Epic Star Wars Fan Film Starring Anna Akana

With “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” upon us, YouTuber Stephen Vitale decided to show a different Star Wars tale, which has been receiving positive reviews.

Directed, produced and edited by Vitale, “Hoshino” is a 7-minute Star Wars fan film about how Jedi master Ko Hoshino, who is played by YouTuber Anna Akana, becomes one with the Force. The film was published on Nov.1 and has, overall, received positive comments for its cinematography and story.

“One of the best Star Wars fan films out there,” YouTube commenter Rachel Leyco wrote. “Not only is the quality there, but the character has more depth and dimension than many other shorts in general. A fine balance between action and heart. Fantastic job!”

Check out Hoshino’s story by watching the video below.