DPR IAN’s New EP ‘Dear Insanity…’ Will Expand On His Performance Lore

Electronica pop musician DPR IAN, founder of the Dream Perfect Regime music and video group, gained mass praise last year when he released his audiovisual debut album, “Moodswings In To Order.” IAN recorded this album from the perspective of his alter-ego, MITO, who fans meet in the artist’s self-directed audio visual short film, “MIITO.” The narrative, character-driven storytelling found in his music videos and songs is now his trademark style. And now, IAN is building upon the MITO universe with his forthcoming EP, “Dear Insanity…” which serves as prequel lore to his debut album. Fans are gearing up in excitement for the new music which will be released on Oct. 6.

“Dear Insanity…” follows IAN narratively through a journey into a dreamlike realm called “The Other Side.” As he travels through this strange land, IAN begins to lose his sanity and soon devolves into his new alter-ego, Mr. Insanity. Both concepts of “The Other Side” and Mr. Insanity were briefly introduced in previous songs, but “Dear Insanity…” showcases them in full focus. So don’t skip out on watching DPR IAN’s music videos when you stream the EP or else, you’ll be missing out on the rich world-building lore. 

Ahead of the release, IAN dropped one of the tracks, “So I Danced,” which the artist explains in a press release, “In a series of insane and deadly events, Insanity is met with the question of how he feels about all this to which he begins dancing.” The music video for the single is out but thankfully, you won’t have to wait long for the rest of the EP since it’s coming out tomorrow and don’t forget to presave the album here!