Exclusive ‘Quiz Lady’ Clip: Sandra Oh and Awkwafina’s Sisterly ‘Synergy’

When Anne (Awkwafina) and Jenny’s (Sandra Oh) mother goes missing, the two sisters have no choice but to reunite. Mind you, these polar opposites only share one thing in common and that’s their bloodline. Left with more questions than answers— and loan sharks on their tails—the sisters need to think out-of-the-box and fast. In this exclusive clip, we witness Jenny’s eureka moment.  “This is synergy from the universe. I might have manifested this!” Jenny says, a lightbulb floating above her head, spoken like a true Zoomer. 

Jenny’s million-dollar idea to pay back their mother’s debt is simple (kind of). The first step is ensuring that her dorky trivia-loving sister gets cast in the “Can’t Stop The Quiz” game show. If they can manage this, they’ll have a real shot at the prize money. Dealing with intense stage fright, Anne can’t fathom playing on national television alongside her hero, the “Can’t Stop The Quiz” game show host, played by Will Ferrell. But the sisters don’t really don’t have any other choice — God forbid it comes down to selling Anne’s eggs, but in Jenny’s words, “it’s not like [she’s] using them anyway.” 

Take a peek at the exclusive clip here. And make sure to find out the sisters’ fate when “Quiz Lady” releases today on Hulu, Star+ in Latin America and Disney Plus in all other territories.