Extremely Racist Responses to Olympus Has Fallen

Its no secret that we still face racism today. Every time I start to believe that I live in my ideal/equal world, acts like this bring me back to the reality that we still have a long way to go. From men making videos discussing why they hate Asians to teenagers making instagrams titled  Asiansareugly, racism continues to use social media for its brutality.

Recently, tons of  Twitter users have spoken against the Asian community after watching the film Olympus Has Fallen. Now I understand anger towards an antagonist of a film, but this is no excuse for attacking an entire community. Why on earth are you going to perpetuate hate for all Asians just because you see a film where the villains happen to be Asian? If you see an antagonist that is Caucasian,  do all Caucasians suddenly deserve your hatred as well?

We’ve witnessed this too many times in real life to simply take this as a joke. You may say we’re overreacting and being sensitive, but trust me- if you were told that someone wants to physically harm and/or kill you simply because of the way you looked, you’d be angry too.

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DISCLAIMER: The following twitter comments and images contain profanity/vulgar language.