Fall in Love With ‘Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic’

Anyone who has dabbled in dating sites or apps can attest that modern dating is far from easy. But nobody would agree more than Lucie Yi, the protagonist of Lauren Ho’s latest novel.

Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic” hit shelves June 21, and is the perfect read for all you rom-com lovers. Reeling from a recent breakup but unwilling to give up her dreams of becoming a mother, management consultant Lucie joins a site for adults seeking non-romantic parenting commitments. When she meets her match in charming software engineer Collin Read, the two decide to give co-parenting a go. But a surprising amount of chemistry—and the untimely return of Lucie’s ex-fiancé—complicate the pair’s purely platonic arrangement.

Ho is known for her 2020 debut novel, “Last Tang Standing.” For future updates on her writing, visit her website!