Fitness Friday: How To Crush Those Pesky Cravings

Ladies, we all have our excuses for reaching for that bag of chips, a box of pocky, or that second Korean barbecue outing of the week. Sometimes we blame our periods. Sometimes we blame our relationships. Sometimes we even say we deserve it for a hard day of work.


Whatever the reason is, why do we have sweet or salty cravings (or in my case, both) and how can we get rid of it?  Having cravings usually means your body is having too much or too little of something. According to, here are some common cravings and tips on how to get rid of them:


Are you known to have a sweet tooth?
If you’re craving a sugary treat, your body may have fluctuating sugar levels which may lead to diabetes. Instead of that treat, try eating some fruit that doesn’t contain a lot of natural sugar. For instance, a banana may not be the best choice because it is a fruit known to have high sugar content. Also, try incorporating foods high in fiber, such as beans, and whole grains into your diet.

Are you a chocolate lover?
Dark chocolate is known to have some health benefits, but we all know that milk chocolate is usually the choice snack. If you crave chocolate, your body may be low in magnesium. To give your body a magnesium boost, eat nuts, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Tempted to reach into a salty bag of chips?
Craving salty snacks could mean you’re too stressed. Yes, too much stress may cause your adrenal glands not to function properly and the adrenal glands are what gives us energy to cope with stress. Confused? Simply relax, take a deep breath, or try meditating.

Looking for an all around cravings cure? Drink water! Cravings may also signal dehydration. Sip on a glass, wait about half an hour, and see if those cravings still linger. Most likely, it won’t be!


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