Five Ways To Deal With Heartbreak (Inspired by Seo In Guk’s “With Laughter or With Tears”)

If you’re in need of a good cry then you may want to check out Seo In Guk’s “With Laughter or With Tears” Music Video. The song makes us feel that all too familiar pain that comes with heartbreak and the loneliness of losing the one you love.


After  indulging in such a sad song, we decided that we wanted to show our readers a more  positive way of thinking. So wipe those tears away and continue reading for Audrey’s Five Ways To Deal With Heartbreak:



There’s nothing wrong with needing to break down and cry for a bit- especially if you feel better after your cry. Often times we see people hold in their sadness and we don’t suggest that. Putting up a front usually results in one giant outburst when you can no longer contain yourself. There’s no need for that struggle. Have yourself a good cry and let it out -you’ll be one step closer to cheering up.


We know this sounds cliche and silly, but  a  makeover may very well be the thing to help you out. Often times, people need a symbolic act to represent change in their life and something like a haircut can do the job. You’ll feel like you’re getting rid of the old and embracing the new you. In addition, you may not be feeling too well about yourself. Many people going through heartbreak reach a point of fear that they’re destined to be alone forever. Do things that make you feel confident in yourself.



Your friends are there for a reason so don’t be afraid to reach out for their help- even if help simply means distracting you. Finding happiness in your friends can be very healthy for you. You are reminded that you are loved and there are other reasons to be happy. If you were one of those individuals who spent time with your significant other instead of your friends, now its time for you to invest your time in your friends. They are the ones, afterall, who stuck by your side.


Take this as an opportunity for “me time”. Indulge in hobbies that you didn’t have time for. Make time in your schedule to do the things you love. Remind yourself that above anyone else, you are the one that can make yourself happy. Its time to appreciate yourself and spoil yourself. You must remember that even if someone is now out of your life, its more important that you are there to love yourself.



The last thing you need right now is to be down and fill your days with thoughts of loneliness. Once you’ve let out your tears, try to find the silver-lining in the situation. Remember that the heartbreak will eventually go away and you will find happiness again. The best way to get over the past is to look forward to the future.



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