G-Dragon Going To Jail For Sexy Time?

The Dragon is finally about to get slain–for sex. Well, simulated fully clothed standing in front of thousands of fans onstage while singing sex. But sex nonetheless.

‘Let’s talk about sex baby, let’s talk about you and me’…below:

The Seoul District Prosecutor is out to charge the 21-year-old star for his risque performance last year. And if the prosecutor gets his/her way, the Big Bang leader/two-time album of the year winner, may be finding himself imprisoned for a year and fined with over $5,000 in charges.

The main argument made against G-Dragon is that the concert was opened for those over the age of 12 and that this type of brash sexuality was unsuitable for anyone under 18.

But let me argue otherwise.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the scenario, G-Dragon dry humped some damsel in heat for the song, Breathe, at his Shine A Light Concert last year. In the video below, you can check out the sexily clad back dancer get a feel for The G’s Chicken Little chest and then being slammed onto the white backdrop behind her. Later, the pop star goes ahead and thrusts his pelvic muscles once and then moves on to squeeze on the dancer’s thunder thighs.


The video, in an American purview is merely adolescent play. I mean, firstly, the two aren’t even lying down on a damn bed. It’s a backdrop. And they’re standing, singing, sexing–yes, but in the end, performing. It’s not even like he was forcing some dude to perform oral sex on him or anything. And even that wasn’t that big of a deal.

For the government to be so conservative is ludicrous especially in 2010. I mean, doesn’t the ROK know how raunchy it can be? Gay sex, lezzies, and ej-culate omelettes anyone?

Ultimately, G-Dragon was merely expressing himself through his music, performing, and eschewing from the thousands of other manufactured, useless, bubble gum saccharine crud out there (effing T.T. Dance anybody?!) And if the expression means something sexual, so be it. And if true artistry means breaking from the mold and having a genuine artist like G-Dragon paying his dues in prison, c’est la vie.

Oh, and to say that it isn’t decent for 12-year-olds is ludicrous. What 12-year-old doesn’t know about sex especially in today’s YouTube friendly universe?

What do you all think, fellow KoreAms? Is the government being a little too hasty on him or are they giving the beast what he rightfully deserves?