Giant Rubber Duck Goes Flat in Seoul


After its highly anticipated installation, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s famous giant rubber duck was found deflated in Seokchon Lake, next to Lotte Group’s mega shopping complex.

According to the Korea Real Time, the duck inflated initially but started leaking air around mid-afternoon Tuesday. A Lotte official told the media that there was nothing wrong with the duck itself as the problem was with the air pump.

“It is being repaired now. It won’t take long before it becomes fully inflated again” the official said.

Despite Kim Jong-un’s reappearance after being missing for over a month, the famous yellow duck’s demise was the biggest news on South Korea’s social media Tuesday, reported the Korea Real Time. Here are some of the Seoul onlookers’ humorous reactions on Twitter.

“On its first day, the rubber duck feels grumpy.”

“Real ducks are watching the rubber duck”

“The death of the rubber duck is taking place… Don’t die”

“The rubber duck is temporarily taking a rest. Please give it strength so it can wake up soon!”

“We are coming to rescue you!”

Later that night, the giant duck was back on its webbed feet, fully inflated. Spectators, who were previously disappointed by the art project’s collapse, expressed their relief and excitement on twitter.

“After taking a nap, I can’t go back to sleep.”