Help Us Convince Our Publisher to Make a “Haikus With Hotties” Calendar


Dear loyal reader,

We’re going a little bit rogue here and launching a fun Kickstarter campaign for you all. Hear us out!

If you’ve been following Audrey Magazine, you may have noticed that we have a series called Haikus With Hotties where we convince hot Asian American men to exchange poetry with us. Part spoof of the male model photo shoot, part genuine celebration of a really attractive segment of the population that doesn’t get enough media attention, “Haikus With Hotties” started out with unarguably attractive model/actor Godfrey Gao and has eventually expanded to include Freddie Wong, Dante Basco, Yen Chen, Randall Park and Chris Dinh. Our latest one, which will come out in our Fall issue (out September 2015) will feature brothers Yoshi and Peter Sudarso. (See above.)


Now that we have 7 haiku exchanges, we only need 5 more hotties to make a HAIKUS WITH HOTTIES CALENDAR for 2016. But in order to get permission and funding to do that, we have to convince our publisher James Ryu that this an excellent idea. And though he is incredibly supportive of us and respected for his work for the community (25 years of KoreAm Journal!), he doesn’t really get it. He’s not convinced there’s a market for it and doesn’t want to print them out and have boxes of calendars sitting in our storage room.

We think he’s wrong! And that hot Asian American men (and the people who love them) shouldn’t be underestimated, especially if these men prove they also have a sense of humor and a knack for poetry.

Please check out our Kickstarter and consider supporting us so we can make this really, really hot calendar a reality for you.

Also, there’s a chance to VOTE on Twitter for 5 more hot guys who can be in our calendar. Another reason to check out the Kickstarter: we have hot photos of our top 10 dream picks, and we need you to help us figure out which ones to try to pursue.

Thanks for helping us spread the gift of hotness!

With love,

Ada Tseng (and the members of the Audrey staff that she will keep anonymous in case James gets mad at us)