Here’s What Asian American Women Are Watching On TV

It seems singing competitions reign supreme for TV-watching Asian American women.

That’s according to Nielsen, which just released a report on the fast-growing — and digitally influential — buying power of the group, based on surveying more than 203,000 respondents, which included an analysis of what they’re watching on broadcast and cable TV.

Take a look at top primetime broadcast shows among AA women aged 18 and up, from August 2017 to January 2017:

1. America’s Got Talent

Rating: 4.73
Total viewers: 344,000

2. The Big Bang Theory

Rating: 4.44
Total viewers: 323,000

3. America’s Got Talent

Rating: 4.37
Total viewers: 318,000

4. This Is Us

Rating: 4.34
Total viewers: 318,000

5. The Voice

Rating: 4.33
Total viewers: 314,000 

Cable TV numbers in the same time frame were dominated by presidential election coverage (“Election Night In America,” “Debate Night In America” and the presidential inauguration ranked second, third and sixth, respectively, on this list between August 2016 and January 2017.)

Let’s take a look at creative and reality programming Asian American women were watching on cable:

1. Walking Dead

Rating: 4.68
Total viewers: 340,000

4. American Horror Story

Rating: 1.66
Total viewers: 121,000

5. Fear The Walking Dead

Rating: 1.57
Total viewers: 114,000

7. Talking Dead 

Rating: 1.50
Total viewers: 109,000

8. Real Housewives Beverly Hills

Rating: 1.47
Total viewers: 107,000

Do these lists reflect what you’re watching on TV?