#IAmAsianAmerican: Campaign targets 15,000 millennial voters

A diverse coalition of more than 30 AAPI organizations pledged Tuesday to register at least 15,000 Asian American millennials to vote via a series of concerts and events across the nation.

The campaign, using the hashtag #IAmAsianAmerican, began growing alongside other known AAPI organizations, such as AAPIVote, AAPIData and the National Association of Asian American Professionals, according to Colorlines. It plans to register new voters at free concerts held at four major cities on Oct. 16.

The concerts will take place in cities with sizable Asian American populations, like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

“Our inaugural network of entrepreneurs, local businesses, artists and advocates demonstrates the power of our community and how our voices matter and votes count,” Uyen Tieu, #IAAA executive director, said in a statement.

According to data compiled by AAPI Victory Fund and VEDA Data Solutions, 7.2 million out of an overall Asian American population of 18.5 million are registered voters.

#IAmAsianAmerican will organize more voters to be registered during events leading up to the respective concerts, while the show in Los Angeles will feature a red-carpet filled with celebrities.

“This was a simple and easy decision for us to join the movement,” Eddie Song, founder of New York City’s Korilla BBQ, said. “What’s easier than signing up to register while you wait for your food?”

Song, like many other participating vendors in the four cities, will turn his restaurant and food trucks into places where people can register to vote.

Other organizations included in #IAAA are the Korean American Coalition, Chinese Mutual Aid, National Organization for Vietnamese American Leadership and the Indo-American Center.

To register to vote or learn more, visit www.iamasianamerican.com.