Jackie Chan’s K-Pop Boy Group ‘Double JC’ Set for Debut

We thought that Jackie Chan had thrown his last punch but he has snuck up behind us with an even bigger blow.

The movie star is officially stepping foot into the K-pop spotlight with his own K-pop boy band, who will drop their debut album on March 24 in South Korea.

Initially, you might have some doubts. Jackie Chan, the popular kung-fu goofball, producing K-pop music? But don’t forget that there’s way more than meets the eye with Chan. Among his various professions such as comedian, director, screenwriter, stunt performer, and philanthropist, Chan is also a classically trained vocalist and Cantopop/Mandopop singer, who has set sights on the vast K-pop horizon.


Managed by Chan himself, the group named JJCC, or Double JC, showcases five males in their early 20s, four of whom are South Korean, while the last member is Chinese-Australian. The name, clearly a tribute to Chan, is also a reference to Chan’s desire to “join cultures” in Asia.

The Jackie Chan Group Korea, who manages the band, said, “As JJCC was born through thorough planning under Jackie Chan’s belief that only a merged Asia could conquer the world, you will be able to experience different content from that of existing idols. We have completed all the work for their official debut. As we have sweated and shown passion for many years, we will do our best until the very end in order to have a first stage that will leave an impression on fans’ minds.”

JJCC members SimBa, E.co, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak.

Chan, who is very talented on a number of diverse platforms, has hand-selected the members for their equally impressive set of skills. All five performers can sing, dance, rap, and act.

One member has even mastered the art of cooking. Earlier this month, the first member of the group was revealed as Oh Jong Seok, famous from the cooking reality TV show MasterChef Korea. Oh Jong Seok was born in the United States but has lived in Korea for eight years, and aspires to become a chef and restaurateur alongside his K-pop dreams. Only time will tell if the group will find success but Chan’s track record for success bodes well. In the actor’s words, “Jackie always OK.”


Oh Jeong-seok.

Chan with EXO.