Jay Ahn: Finding a vision behind the viewfinder

You’ve probably most recently seen Jay Ahn’s work as a director and cinematographer with Dumbfoundead’s “Safe” music video, which went viral in the midst of a renewed conversation on Hollywood whitewashing. Ahn, who is Korean American, has worked with names like Jhené Aiko and Anderson Paak.

Why he does what he does:
“I want to give back experience to people, [to make it] escapism for them.”

On working on Aiko’s “Eternal Sunshine”:
“That was a really fresh process … We got a 120-foot crane that isn’t really used … we got a stunt rigger to rig Jhené to hang off a board. It was really inspiring for me and the crew.”

Advice to young filmmakers:
“Just don’t stop what you’re doing. Every production is going to be rocky.”