Jo Koy Guides Sean Evans Through Filipino Food’s Greatest Hits

Comedian Jo Koy joined Sean Evans and First We Feast for a walkthrough of his ethnic cuisine at Jeepney, a Filipino gastropub in New York City.

Before digging in, Koy went over some Filipino table manners. “Rule No. 1,” said Koy, “We don’t give a sh-t if you’ve eaten already or if you’re full. You’re about to get even more full.”

After a spoon and fork lesson, first up on the menu was arroz caldo, Philippines’ answer to chicken noodle soup that can cure anything from the common cold to hangovers. The pair also sampled chicken adobo, the quintessential Filipino dish; halo-halo, shaved ice with jelly, red bean, ube ice cream and evaporated milk; and balut, a hard-boiled, fertilized duck egg that is considered a scrumptious delicacy in the Philippines.

Jo Koy also appears on the cover of Kore Asian Media’s 2018 annual issue. Check out the full video above, then order your copy of the issue to find out more about the Pinoy comedian!