John Cho Says He Went Nude For Diversity In Hollywood

John Cho is making a bigger message when he decides to go nude for Hollywood.

The actor, who made a guest appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” last week, talked about why he made the decision to do a shower scene in his summer indie flick “Columbus,” in which he plays the main character Jin.

“I couldn’t think of an Asian male butt in American cinema,” Cho said. “Somebody has to do it.”

Meyers joked that Cho had broken “the glass underpants” in Hollywood.

Cho’s decision to go “nude” offers a direct response to Hollywood’s reluctance to cast Asian males as romantic leads or heartthrobs.

As a 2017 USC Annenberg study revealed, Asian actors make up less than 6 percent of speaking characters in film. We couldn’t be more happy about Cho’s cheeky decision to film the scene.