Jon Gosselin’s hideous tat

Notorious TV dad Jon Gosselin gets inked, according to an exclusive by The problem? The humongous Korean dragon tattoo, taking up most of his back, looks more like Jabberwocky on acid.

Or, as his ex-girlfriend brilliantly put it: an Ed Hardy tee.

“He has successfully turned his back into an Ed Hardy t-shirt,” Hailey Glassman told Radar. “He always wanted [to look like Ed Hardy]…so mission accomplished!”

His young brood “loves” the massive tattoo, Jon says.

The divorced father of 8 told Radar that his tattoo, which took 14 hours to complete, represents his “rebirth.”

And speaking of birth, I wonder if he knows that dragons represent fertility in the Far East? Cuz the last thing we need is Gosselin #9.