K-pop Group POW Spills Who’s the Most Stylish, Who Has the Best Selfies and More

The boys of POW explore who’s who in their group with a series of questions. (All photos by Francis Ray.)

The South Korean boy group POW is new to the scene but is more than ready to create memories with its growing fanbase, POWER. The K-pop group, formed under GRID Entertainment, is made up of five members: Jungbin, Yorch, Hyunbin, Dongyeon and Hong. They debuted in October 2023 with the EP “Favorite.” The band came to Los Angeles earlier this year, where they interacted with fans by working at a boba shop, toured Riot Studios and, of course, visited Character Media for a fun-filled interview. Members played a game of superlatives where they showed off their close bond and sense of humor. 

The group playfully ribbed at one another but also threw out compliments as the game went on. For example, when asked which member is the best at curating his style, the majority of the group decided on Yorch. Dongyeon praised his friend, saying, “He spends a lot of time searching for items… and I love the way he tries his accessories.” When the subject went to who takes the best selfies, the choice was obvious. Jungbin, according to Hyunbin, is a pro at selfies, while the rest of the boys aren’t as skilled. Even with their busy rehearsal schedules, the members make time to keep in touch with their families. The group said that Hyunbin talks to his family the most, as Dongyeon noted that Hyunbin texts his mom often.

The group stopped by the Character Media studio during their 2-week stay in Los Angeles earlier this year.

With POW’s popularity on the rise, they began to get recognized by fans when they were out in public. When the group was asked who was enjoying their visit to Los Angeles the most, Yorch shared a fun memory about how the group was approached by fans for a picture. He also mentioned how excited he was to visit touristy spots like Santa Monica Pier and California staple In-N-Out.

Get to know the members of POW by checking out the full video below!