K-pop Playlist Of The Week: DAY6, Triple H & SHINee

A slow week in new releases gives us a bit of time to catch up on other great songs that passed us by. Take a look at the K-pop tracks we’re listening to, old and new!

“You, Clouds, Rain” – Heize

Heize continues dominating the charts with fresh, smooth tracks. “You, Clouds, Rain” is a slow, emotional and jazzy tune that’s perfect to listen to on a rainy day (though that might be hard to come by in sunny California) or when you’re in the mood for a good cry.

“365 Fresh” – Triple H

Hyunseung has left some mighty big shoes to fill as the other half of Troublemaker, but Pentagon’s Hui and E’Dawn are all game as they join 4Minute’s HyunA to form Triple H. The trio’s debut song “365 Fresh” channels that Bruno Mars ’80s funk-and-soul vibe to make a track that is both fun and… well, fresh.

Rumor – KARD

KARD has been racking up some serious international attention, owed in part to curiosity and interest in the fact that they are among the few co-ed Kpop groups. “Oh Nana” and “Don’t Recall” were solid releases that laid down what audiences could expect, musically, from the group, and “Rumor” caps off the trilogy and leaves fans craving their official debut.

SHINee – Tell Me What to Do

SHINee’s “1 of 1” was a fun jack swing track that threw listeners back to the ’90s, complete with a campy, vibrant music video, but the repackaged album treated fans and audiences to a complete 180-degree shift in terms of sound and concept. “Tell Me What to Do” is a dark, elegant ballad with a strong beat and a slight EDM influence. Pair that with SHINee’s legendary showmanship and exuberant stage presence, and you’ve got a winning formula.

“Hi, Hello” – DAY6

Continuing with their Every Day6 project, the band is back with another smooth, languid song that’s perfect for easy summer listening. The track is very vocally driven and perfectly shows off the boys’ versatile singing talents. We recommend this one for a warm summer afternoon spent reading or otherwise relaxing.

What’s on your playlist this week?