K-pop Playlist Of The Week: Heize, APINK & 9MUSES

Another week, another K-pop playlist! Keep up with the K-pop charts and listen to some of our old favorites:

“Remember” – 9MUSES

Past generations of girl groups are dropping like flies nowadays, so the fact that 9Muses has survived up to now — albeit with fewer members than before — is something of a mini K-pop miracle. “Remember” is a grandiose, theatrical piece of music that can be rare in the K-pop girl group scene, so it’s especially refreshing to see 9Muses taking on its challenges and executing it with poise.

“Don’t Know You” – Heize

Viewers might raise their brows at the odd and slightly morbid music video for Heize’s “Don’t Know You,” but beyond the dark comedy of the idol terrorizing a human-size teddy bear (out of which emerges SHINee’s Onew), there’s a heartfelt message about appreciating your significant other in your life while you have them. The bittersweet rap ballad has been doing well on Korean music charts.

“Yes I Am” – Mamamoo

Mamamoo dropped this funky, fun track just in time for summer. Known for their killer vocals, Mamamoo certainly doesn’t disappoint, and we are even treated to a little of Moonbyul’s singing.


Though the cute-and-catchy concept has been a K-pop bestseller for years, it’s difficult to deny that, even among standout girl groups, APINK does this concept especially well. “Five” is a cozy return to the musical style that won APINK their fame with songs such as “LUV” and “No No No,” and despite the familiarity, one can’t help but hum along anyway.

“Lonely” – Jonghyun

The SHINee vocalist’s “Story Op.” series couldn’t be any more different from the kinds of high-energy, hard-hitting pop tracks that audiences are used to getting. While usually known for powerful belts and hitting up-top high notes, Jonghyun’s “Lonely” is a more subdued affair. This quiet, bittersweet ballad also features Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, harmonizing as the pair sings about a lonesome romance.


What’s on your playlist?