K-pop Playlist: What To Listen To On Flight Mode

Planning a trip soon? Are you a stressed flyer? Whatever the case, we’re sure there’s a song in K-pop’s huge music library to get you pumped or calm your nerves while you’re traveling. Here’s five for you:

“Darling” – Taeyang

G-Dragon made his solo comeback in June this year, and now it’s Taeyang’s turn. Right from the get-go, Taeyang’s voice grabs your attention and commands it throughout the whole song, giving a performance that is soulful and moving. Filled with aerial shots of beautiful, far-off places, Taeyang’s “Darling” will make you long for your lost love and then maybe fill you with a little wanderlust.

“Fly” – GOT7

The first song in GOT7’s “Flight Log” series has a somewhat subdued start, but it’s a fitting track for when you’re getting ready for take off. “Fly” seemed like a departure from what the group was doing the year before, but it also gave them a chance to showcase their rap line’s talents and try out different concepts. A fitting theme for someone setting out on a journey.


Speaking of departures, INFINITE’s typical bright disco funk sound takes a bit of a backseat in this track. “Air” comes off of the group’s “INFINITE ONLY” album, and the mixture of dubstep and electronic sounds gives the song a stronger, darker vibe while INFINITE’S bright vocals keep it from drowning in angst. It might not calm your nerves, but it might make a turbulent flight more interesting.


A stark contrast from their more bombastic releases like “Playing with Fire” and “As If It’s Your Last,” this ballad is a more restrained, emotional affair that adds some variety to BLACKPINK’s repertoire. Mostly driven by acoustic guitar, harmonica and hand-clapping, “Stay” is a straightforward pop ballad the doesn’t rely on trend-following or gimmicks to grab our attention. Listen to it when you’re ready to settle into your flight and adjust to your destination’s time zone.

“Destination” – SHINee

Speaking of destinations, this SHINee track is the perfect song to play when you start your descent into yours. “Destination” starts off with a dramatic vocal build-up that explodes at the chorus with the boys attacking those vocals. A great cathartic release for when you finally touch back down to the ground.

What’s your go-to music in the air?