Keep Up With Our Winter ’11-12 Cover Girl: Mindy Kaling!

Rawr, we’re totally going wild for Mindy Kaling‘s print-happy Winter 2011 cover. It’s no secret we love this fearless, famously intelligent, freakin’ funny female and we’re so happy she’s our cover girl!

Below, some fly pics and choice interview quotes for your viewing pleasure!

Mindy recently debuted her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) and though the book does help you get to know her intimately, expect no raunchy tell-all. “There are a lot of female writers coming out [where] what’s intrinsic to them is a level of raunchy details, which I’m not all that interested in reading or writing,” Mindy explained, “Hopefully, this book will appeal to people who don’t need that.”

Mindy also explains where her confidence comes from: “As confident as I feel, it takes an almost comically confident person to be able to say that they were destined to be in movies and television. I don’t think I was destined, but I think I am of the personality type where the rejection or odds of something doesn’t scare me. Maybe it was because my mom moved to Africa at 20 by herself, but there’s a certain fearlessness that runs in my family for things where there’s absolutely no reason to believe that it should work out. I get that from my parents.”

And how she is able to get away with with being a Beyonce and shopping-loving semi-valley girl who can still come across as smart, funny and someone people can take seriously: “I do get criticized by women who think that because of who I am, I shouldn’t talk about shopping or be an emotional person, and I think, ‘Why?’ Now you’re just putting women in another box.”

Thanks to Diana King for the lovely pics! Pick up the latest copy of Audrey Magazine featuring Mindy Kaling here.