KoreAm Alumni: Rekindle Your College Spirit

Does the back-to-school season bring back memories of your days as a student? Well, whether you graduated this past summer, or a number of summers ago, we invite you to become a part of a budding community here at KoreAm.

Alumni will be a huge part of the upcoming KoreAm U, an outlet that will focus on the Korean American college and university student community. We’d like to begin establishing that network with our alumni from all over the nation–or perhaps even from institutions around the world–with our exclusive Alumni Catalogue.

Just one note: We sincerely promise that we will never call or email you to ask for any of your money. Unless you are up for a renewal for our magazine, of course.

To become a part of our exclusive Alumni Catalogue, send an email to KoreAm.U@charactermedia.com with the subject “ALUMNI CATALOGUE.” Please include your full name, age, city/location, occupation, alma mater and class year. Then, complete this sentence: “I am proud to be a [school mascot] for life because…”

If selected, we will send you a questionnaire and, in time, more information on KoreAm U. Stay posted! Current students, check out Student Spotlight to create your own unique profiles. For everyone else, take a look at the revamped I Am KoreAm feature.