Korean Artist Illustrates What True Love Looks Like

After the countless romantic comedies, television dramas and princess fairytales, we all developed our own concept of what love should be. But can such a thing truly be defined? For Korean artist, known by her username “Puuung,” love isn’t a dreamy fairytale or romantic comedy. Instead, it’s finding love during our busy lives when we tend to forget to stop and make time for those we love.

“Love is something that everybody can relate to,” says Puuung. “And love comes in ways that we can easily overlook in our daily lives. So, I try to find the meaning of love in our daily lives and make it into artwork.”

In her artwork, Puuung beautifully illustrates what she believes real love looks like. Some look like scenes from a movie, but many of them are moments I have experienced myself and I couldn’t help but smile. Below are just a few from her large collection that I felt were the most relatable:

Puuung1 Puuung2 Puuung3 Puuung4 Puuung5 Puuung6 Puuung7

Can you relate to the artwork? Do you agree with Puuung’s definition of love?


All photos courtesy of grafolio.com/puuung1