Link Attack: Janice Min Gets An Emmy Nom, Korean Girls Love Snack Backpacks, Stunning Photos of Mixed Race Families

KA news (and other topics of interest) from around the web.

Stunning portraits of mixed-race families.

Arden Cho joins the new season of ‘Teen Wolf’ as a series regular. Hooray!

Janice Min continues to conquer the media world—her team at The Hollywood Reporter has been nominated for its first Emmy.

At schools in South Korea, “snack backpacks” are the new It Bag. Functional and filling.

Record producer and music artist J.Y Park addresses the fact that his wife’s uncle is the owner of the Sewol ferry.

The twisted myth of the small Asian penis, and why it endures.

A new interview with comic book artist Greg Pak.

New York’s first Korean American assemblyman fights the model-minority stereotype.

Why aren’t students fighting Forever 21 and its new test store F21 Red?

A perfect term for when white people “discover” things.

Photo by Cyjo via Slate