‘Loki’ Season Two Trailer Promises More Time Travel, Loki and Mobius Interactions and Ke Huy Quan

Time is running out and everyone’s favorite God of Mischief is back to restore balance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline once again. Announced earlier this year, Marvel Studios revealed its first official trailer on July 31 for the second season of “Loki,” with Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as the titular character.

The trailer opens with Loki and Mobius meeting with a Time Variance Authority archivist named OB, who is portrayed by one of the new faces joining the MCU, Oscar Winner, Ke Huy Quan. The concept of “timeslipping” will be explored this season, with Loki skidding across time and space, dropping in and out of alternate timelines from the past and present. Loki will also come face to face with Victor Timely, a version of “He Who Remains,” who was slain by Sylvie at the end of season one. Jonathan Majors returns to play one of the many versions of “Kang” in the Disney+ series. 

Also returning to the cast is series regular Eugene Cordero, who plays TVA employee “Casey,” who is most memorable for using infinity stones as paperweights on his desk. Other returning cast members include Owen Wilson’s “Mobius,” Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s “Ravonna Renslayer,” Tara Strong’s voice as “Miss Minutes,” and Sophia Di Martino’s “Sylvie.”

As the fate of the MCU’s timeline remains in question, the countdown begins as “Loki” season two returns on Oct. 6, streaming exclusively on Disney+. Watch the trailer below!