Lost Dreams and First Loves Take Center Stage in ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’

Tears, laughter, love and heartbreak—ahh, high school. tvN’s Korean drama “Twenty Five Twenty One” sets out to explore the lives of young adults during this tumultuous time period, with a retro twist.

The 16-episode Korean romantic comedy premieres internationally today, Feb. 12, on Netflix while simultaneously airing on tvN. The series follows the lives of high school fencing athlete Na Hee-Do (“The Handmaiden”’s Kim Tae-Ri) and Baek Yi-Jin (“Start-Up” star Nam Joo-Hyuk), a young man juggling multiple part-time jobs in the wake of the 1997 financial crisis. The two first meet in 1998, before reuniting three years later in 2002 as adults while they navigate the pains of growing up and romance.

Na and Baek are joined by an array of other characters, like Na’s fencing rival, gold medalist Go Yoo-Rim (WJSN member Bona), wannabe social media star Moon Ji-Woong (Choi Hyun-Wook) and the studious Ji Seung Wan (Lee Joo Myung), who are all struggling with adulthood and leaving adolescence behind.

Don’t miss out on the fun, retro love affair between Na and Baek in “Twenty Five Twenty One,” premiering today and releasing bi-weekly every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix!