Makeup Artist EJ Kim On How To Use Fire To Curl Your Lashes


Last week, we brought you a series of tricks to help ease your stubborn eyelash-curling frustrations. Today, we bring you an alternative Korean technique to achieving the perfect curl – by setting your lashes on fire. And no, we are not pyromaniacs, nor have we lost our minds (for now).

Before you break out in a cold sweat, no worries – there’s no actual contact of fire to your eyelashes. Think of it as a cheaper substitute to a heated mascara brush. Instead of the heated brush though, this technique “creates a more natural curl than a heated eyelash curler and it lasts longer,” according to makeup artist EJ Kim. There are actual flames involved in the process, but only to heat up a metal eyelash wand, which you then apply to your lashes.

The Cut worked with the Korean makeup artist to show us how it’s done. Why is she qualified for the job? EJ Kim has had years of experience working with some of fashion’s biggest names, including Armani, Louis Vuitton, Loewe, Chanel and more. Yu-Na Kim, the graceful Korean skater, is also one of her clients.



Scroll through below to see the process:

1. Kim begins by lighting a match, and gently running a wand or pointy stick through the flame.


2. Tap the pointy stick against your skin so that it will cool down, instead of burning your eyelashes off.


3. You can also purchase a metal eyelash wand at Sephora, as an alternative to the pointy stick.


4. Using the tip of the eyelash wand or stick, gently make small delicate zig-zag motions upwards.


5. Concentrate on moving the wand/stick from the roots to the tips.




6. Don’t forget the corners, as this is vital to the curl!




7. Apply a layer of your favorite mascara.




8. This should be your end result, assuming you didn’t burn your lashes off in the process.




If you’ve tried this technique, let us know how it turned out!