Masala: Constance Wu Chases the Truth in ‘The Terminal List’

Based on Jack Carr’s series of novels, the new Prime Video thriller show “The Terminal List” poses the age-old query, “How far would you go to uncover the truth?”

Constance Wu’s character, Katie Buranek, takes the question to new heights. A dedicated war correspondent, Buranek begins to investigate the fatal ambush that led to the deaths of Lieutenant James Reece’s (Chris Pratt) entire platoon of Navy SEALs. But the closer Buranek and Reece get to finding answers, the more danger they find. “The Terminal List” premiered on July 1 and also stars Taylor Kitsch (“John Carter”), Riley Keough (“Earthquake Bird”) and Jeanne Tripplehorn (“The Gilded Age”).

Wu recently joined Character Media to discuss how she brought Buranek from the page to the screen. She explained that although she didn’t find inspiration for the character in any real-life person, she brought plenty of her own flair to her role. “Obviously, there’s the character in the book, which is a great resource to draw from, and then it was just my imagination of who [Buranek] was and what her life was like and how it brought her to the choices and the moments she has in the series,” Wu said.

She went on to share her experiences in returning to acting after giving birth in 2020, noting that the creative team and her co-stars helped to create a supportive environment for her as a new mother—and as an actress. “It made my perspective really valued, and that’s how it should be in life,” she said. “We have women in the boardroom and as writers not to tick some box about having women, but because it adds value. Because the more perspectives you have, the greater your product and your work is going to be.”

For more, including what drew Wu to the role and how she transitioned to the action genre, watch our full interview above!