Masala: Go ‘Over the Moon’ With This Exclusive Cast and Creators Interview

These days, we could all use a good dose of heartwarming, family-friendly fun. Luckily, Netflix has just the film we need to forget at least some of our earthly troubles.

The animated musical “Over the Moon” premiered on Oct. 23, and follows a young Chinese girl named Fei Fei who takes off in a homemade rocket, bound for the moon so she can prove the existence of the goddess Chang’e once and for all. We were joined by the creators and voice cast of the film, including star Cathy Ang, Sandra Oh, Phillipa Soo, Ken Jeong, and many more, for an interview that covered the making of the movie and just why “Over the Moon” should be next on your watch list.

Although the film provides an uplifting theme, it also offers a poignant, unique message about the power of family ties and overcoming grief. This release marks the last project from screenwriter Audrey Wells, who tragically passed away in 2018 after a battle with cancer. “Every family has some sort of strife, and in this movie, Fei Fei and her dad go through a huge loss,” said Ang. “It’s a really difficult thing to address, but it’s in reaching out and letting yourself be open to other people that you find love and joy again, and be able to move forward. Your family can be found anywhere.”

Director Glen Keane also acknowledged that this underlying sense of positivity and hope can be especially meaningful for today’s viewers. “At one point, Fei Fei says, ‘I just want things to go back the way they were.’ I mean, who doesn’t feel that way today? In this pandemic and when our world is turned upside down, you want to go back,” Keane said. “This film reminds me that no, you don’t go back, you only live life forward. And to go through it, you have to go through the hard things.”

You can hear thoughts from the rest of the creators and crew in the full video above.