Meet 7 AAPI Chefs who Charmed TikTok

Chances are, like a billion other internet users, you’ve found yourself spending hours scrolling through TikTok’s For You page. The social media app hosts a huge variety of content, from chaotic cat videos to in-depth history lessons, but one of the most popular forms of content on the app has to be cooking videos. Unlike other online chefs like Joshua Weissman, or Bon Appetit that overwhelmingly feature professional cooks with fancy kitchens, TikTok is a great platform for authenticity, where viewers can enjoy watching more relatable content creators.

These seven AAPI TikTok cooks will make you wish you could reach through the screen to grab their mouthwatering dishes. So get to know the TikTokers whose videos will compel you to put down your phone and head to the kitchen.

1.@CookingWithLynja | Lynn Yamada Davis


Naruto Onigiri 🍙

♬ original sound – Lynja

Lynn Yamada Davis has taken TikTok by storm with her account @CookingwithLynja, which she runs with her youngest son, Tim. The two started with more traditional cooking videos, where she would go through each recipe without much fanfare, but over time Davis’ videos have evolved into chaotic, yet entertaining bite-sized recipes. Davis is the perfect TikToker for aspiring home chefs looking for recipes that not only teach but also amuse viewers, with meme-filled jokes and jump cuts.

2. @Newt | Newton Nguyen


spam musubi <3

♬ original sound – newt

Newton Nguyen has set the standard for TikTok cooking videos. He provides straightforward and charming commentary in his cooking videos, making him popular with amateur chefs. His casual voice-overs feel almost like a conversation between Nguyen and the viewer, while his relaxed nature and variety of recipes provide viewers with a multitude of choices when it comes to cooking.

3. @TheKoreanVegan | Joanne Lee Molinaro


#foodtiktok #koreanfood #vegan #storytime

♬ original sound – Joanne L. Molinaro (이선영)

If you find yourself on Joanne Lee Molinaro’s TikTok channel, you’ll be moved to tears and probably feel motivated to try vegan cooking. Molinaro provides a voice-over on every cooking video, telling tales of immigration-related trauma and heartbreak in addition to touching anecdotes. While her videos’ subject matter does tend to be on the heavier side, her unique storytelling brings in audiences and provides a sense of hope that there’s a way to move past every struggle. Molinaro’s TikTok content shows new chefs a variety of plant-based dishes, but many viewers will also leave with a new life lesson.

4. @Hwoo.Lee | H Woo Lee


i don’t care what they say, the best fries = duck fat#fries #duckfat #aioli #yuzu #asmrfood

♬ original sound – h woo

H Woo Lee is best known for his TikTok series “Cooking For Myself,” where he tries cooking various fine dining recipes for viewers. Lee provides simple and easy instructions for his videos, showing even self-taught cooks can create dishes found at upscale restaurants. Lee also features multiple collabs with other TikTokers, like Omnivorous Adam and Owen Han. Lee also hosts another series titled “People as Food,” where he creates dishes based on the personalities and appearances of celebrities like ZHU and Peggy Gou

5. @RootedinSpice | Chaheti Bansal


lesser-known indian dishes 🤝 TJs

♬ lilac days – .clouds

Chaheti Bansal shows viewers how to cook various Indian and South Asian dishes, but she doesn’t just focus on favorites like butter chicken and tikka masala. Bansal also includes various recipes on lesser-known Desi dishes, where she urges people outside of her community to try different meals—like Momos, which are a popular Indian street food originally from Nepal and Tibet (often described as dumplings, but Bansal is quick to dispel the misnomer). Her charismatic voice-overs and clean-cut, minimalist filming style give viewers ample reason to venture out of their cooking comfort zones.

6. @ChefChrisCho | Chris Cho


Spicy Chicken Stew 🔥👨🏻‍🍳🍗 #spicychicken #chickenstew #EasyRecipe #chicken #quickrecipes #yum #foodtiktok #koreanfood #foodie #닭도리탕 #추천 #레시피 #foryou

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

Chris Cho always starts his TikToks with the same, simple greeting: “This is how you make…” Cho’s recipes usually focus on Korean dishes like kimchi fried rice and bibimbap, but he also ventures into fusion dishes like kimchi pasta. His easy-going and charismatic personality shines in his content, while his recipes are clear and concise, making viewers feel as though they’re receiving guidance from a friend.

7. @SeemaGetsBaked | Seema Pankhania


One of the most unusual ones I’ve had but so delicious!! Thank you @yatnama for your help! #kazakhstan #besbarmaq #nationaldish #learnontiktok #yum

♬ original sound – Seema Pankhania

Semma Pankhania is on a mission to make one dish from each of the world’s 195 countries. Her most well-known series, “Around the World in 195 Meals,” provides the history of every dish, making her videos entertaining and informative as viewers learn about recipes from different countries. Pankhania’s bubbly personality also helps her videos stand out, and she provides a great way for chefs to try recipes from all over the world.