Men in China Can Now “Experience” the Pain of Childbirth


Apparently, mothers-to-be in China have not been receiving the proper amount of sympathy from their husbands during pregnancy. After all, what can be so hard about pushing a watermelon-sized human being out of your body, right?

Pregnant mothers have been so upset with their husbands that Aima maternity hospital in Shandong province decided it was time to do something about it. The solution? Have the fathers-to-be experience childbirth themselves.

…Okay, maybe they can’t actually experience childbirth, but they can at least feel the amount of pain a woman goes through. Twice a week, the hospital offers men the chance to finally experience the pain of childbirth through electric shocks which induces the same amount of pain that a woman would experience while giving birth.

During this childbirth pain simulation, electric shock pads are placed above the abdomen and men must endure the pain for 5 minutes as a nurse gradually raises the intensity of the shocks. Obviously, 5 minutes is nothing compared to hours of contractions, but it’s usually enough for men to get the point. In fact, many participants can’t even last the entire 5 minutes.

“It felt like my heart and lungs were being ripped apart,” said Song Siling, a participant of the simulations.

Another participant, Wu Jianlong, admitted that the experience truly changed his perspective. “Because all women have children and it usually takes quite a long time, I had thought of it as being something really natural, something really normal that they can get through,” he said.

So far, about 100 men have signed up for the simulation.

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