Mindy Kaling Talks About Her Dating Life on ‘Ellen’

Mindy Kaling is a successful OB/GYN but her personal and dating life is a mess. Oh wait, that’s Mindy Lahiri, the fictional doctor she plays on her show The Mindy Project. But according to Kaling, it seems as if many people in real life confuse her with the fictional character she plays.

Currently, Kaling is single and dating, but she’s running into trouble dating because she is a lot more conservative than Mindy Lahiri. During her appearance on Ellen, she says that she’s not someone who could “drink eleven martinis” or “have a one-night stand” because she has her medications to take at night. And she has to floss.

As you can imagine, that might lead to some complications. Ellen’s solution? A bedazzled pill box for all her (non narcotic) medications, complete with labels for every day of the week.

Watch the full interview clip below: