Musical Martial Arts

It’s not difficult to spot great dancers in Korea, especially since K-Pop has its fair share of talented movers and shakers. Although they are good at dancing, it is doubtful that any of Korean dancers we know have attempted to incorporate Taekwondo moves into their routines, let alone make it the focus of the choreography.

A group of young men and women mix pop music and a fighting style by putting Taekwondo moves to the tune of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” When the tune switches over to 2PM’s “Hands Up,” the young men and women show off very skillful martial art moves. They spin and flip to break wooden boards and one young woman in particular has no fear of gravity as she runs upward to kick a board held extremely high in the air. The surprising mix of music and martial arts entertained the spectators as well as over a million online viewers.