Naver to Launch Global K-pop Streaming App

by JAMES S. KIM | @james_s_kim

Keeping up with your K-pop idols is about to get a whole lot easier. South Korean search portal Naver is set to launch the “V” app, a real-time broadcasting app that streams K-pop content from around the world, by the end of next month.

South Korea’s major entertainment agencies, including SM and YG, have already partnered with Naver to live-stream not just concerts but also behind-the-scenes activities. Through the V app, K-pop stars will be able to communicate directly with fans in real-time and share sneak peeks into their busy schedules.

While the V app will primarily focus on Asian countries where K-pop is popular, including Japan, China and Southeast Asia, the app’s goal is to reach all audiences around the globe. All of the app’s features will be in English, and Korean content won’t be a problem as each broadcast will include real-time English subtitles.

Naver did acknowledge that not every country is as connected wirelessly compared to South Korea, which has the fastest Internet speed in the world. The V app will also be available to use on personal computers for countries where smartphone penetration is not as prevalent.

As for expansion, Naver is looking to bring in other hallyu celebrities into the V app, including film and television actors. Naver’s online video platform, TV Cast, could offer more opportunities for broadcasting as well.

The V app will begin its first testing phase on Android on Aug. 1, with the iOS version following mid-month. The app will be available sometime by the end of August.

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