Netflix Drops Trailer for Animated Flick ‘Ultraman: Rising’

The animated feature will be released this summer and promises vibrant visuals and a delightful storyline. (Photo courtesy of Netflix.)

Ken Sato (Christopher Sean), the latest inheritor of the Ultraman title, is used to defending Tokyo from giant monster attacks — all while juggling his civilian life as a baseball star. However, in “Ultraman: Rising,” the shiny superhero’s life is thrown into disarray when he suddenly finds another, perhaps greater, role thrust upon him: fatherhood.

Ken approaches the orphaned kaiju. (Photo courtesy of Netflix.)

What initially appears to be a routine battle with another kaiju leaves Ken with a cute (but very dangerous) 35-foot-tall, fire-breathing baby. Now, he must figure out how to parent this adorable monster and keep his beloved city safe from said baby’s giant tantrums. But, the world isn’t exactly making it easy for Ken; a shady corporation is dead-set on capturing the creature, stopping at nothing to use her for whatever dark plans they have in store.

Gedde Watanabe (Professor Sato), Tamlyn Tomita (Emiko), Keone Young (Dr. Onda) and Julia Harriman (Ami) fill up the cast, ensuring encounters with plenty of allies and foes. 

Ken protects the city from the creature’s attacks while also caring for it. (Photo courtesy of Netflix.)

“Ultraman: Rising” will hit Netflix this summer on June 14 in partnership with the Tsuburaya Productions and Industrial Light & Magic. Shannon Tindle directed and wrote the film, with John Aoshima co-directing and Marc Haimes co-writing.  

This heartful animated feature will not only tug on heartstrings but will also deliver the iconic action tropes expected from the Ultraman franchise. Make sure to catch the full film this summer, and check out the full trailer below!