Netflix’s New Show ‘Mind Your Manners’ Promises to Teach Audiences How to Properly Cut a Banana, Accessorize With a Belt and More

Have you ever wondered how to elegantly slice a banana? Look no further with Netflix’s new show for proper, lady-like etiquette: “Mind Your Manners.”

Netflix’s growing slate of unscripted series has more recently seen the popularization of inspirational and heartwarming shows like, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” and the streamer isn’t stopping there. To be released on Nov. 16 is the latest of these self-reflective shows, “Mind Your Manners,” from the world-renowned etiquette coach Sara Jane Ho

Entrepreneur and educator of teaching proper etiquette, Hong Kong native Ho is known for founding the Institute of Sarita in 2013, China’s very first finishing school headquartered in Beijing. In 2015, she was able to open a second school location in Shanghai. If you’re wondering what finishing school is, it’s an institution that focuses on teaching young women social etiquette and upper-class cultural rites as they prepare to “enter” into society.

“I’m taking people on a journey of self-discovery. As an international etiquette teacher, I bring out the best in people,” says Ho in the new trailer. “Come with me, and you’ll know what to do anywhere with anyone in any situation.”

From instructing her class on how to sip a cup of afternoon tea, use a fan properly, accessorize a belt, or shoot a bullseye in archery, Ho emphasizes her personal philosophy of using a holistic approach to her etiquette coaching. “Every class is a different class. Every student is a different student. My method is helping my students find wisdom and strength within themselves,” she says.

Prepare to laugh, shed a few tears, and learn a thing or two as Ho transforms her students’ lives through genteel manners and graceful etiquette. The goal of this, she says, is to help her students acquire the confidence to shine in any situation. 

Highlighting a rarely seen avenue for self-growth, Ho takes tremendous pride in the work she accomplishes with her students. “It’s humbling because they trusted me and that makes my work very meaningful,” she shares. 

Watch the new trailer below: