Nielsen Releases Their 2024 Report on Asian Influence and Media Consumption

Still of Ali Wong and Steven Yeun in Netflix's "Beef."
Nielsen focuses on audience measurement, data and analytics in regards to our global media future. (Photo courtesy of Andrew Cooper/Netflix.)

On May 1, 2024, Nielsen released their Diverse Intelligence Series report in light of Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 

In particular, the report highlights the impact of streaming on AANHPI audiences, where such viewership has created a distance from traditional television. In fact, streaming outpaces live TV by more than an hour and a half per week, as reported by Nielsen. Over the past year, Asian Americans were privy to ad-supported video on-demand streaming (AVOD), spending 31% of their viewing time on the platforms. This number shines in comparison to the total population’s 27%. 

Asian streaming viewership encourages advertisers to further interact with the AANHPI population. Nielsen suggests that brands take a cross-media approach towards further engagement. 

In 2023, on-screen Asian representation saw a data-backed rise, reaching 10.9% of Asian-inclusive content. With popular shows like Netflix’s “Beef,” U.S. audiences are consuming more and more Asian-led narratives. In the year since its release, “Beef” was watched for 5.8 billion minutes. 

Danny (Steven Yeun) and Amy (Ali Wong) in “Beef.” (Photo courtesy of Netflix.)

As we enter the 2024 election year, non-subscription news media outlets should consider their reach for AANHPI audiences, who make up the fastest-growing group of eligible voters, as Nielsen reports. Additionally, 78% of Asian American viewers consume news programs at least once a day. In relation to news content, 72% of Asian Americans aged 65+ find engagement with stories surrounding geopolitical tensions and anti-Asian hate. Comparatively, millennial and Gen Z audiences find resonation with reporting on affirmative action and immigration. 

Nielsen’s 2024 report also includes information concerning TV usage, games, toy, and book sales and smartphone ownership. If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit or consider downloading the Reaching Asian American Audiences: Understanding Asian Influence and Media Consumption report.