North Korea Joins Twitter

North Korea now uses Twitter to post links to anti-South Korean and anti-American statements, according to media reports.  The Twitter account is @uriminzok, run by North Korean media outlet Uriminzokkiri. South Korea, which prohibits unauthorized communication with North Koreans, has already blocked access to the Uriminzokkiri site, but Pyongyang has started putting different addresses on its Twitter page so users can bypass the block. As of now, @uriminzok has more than 9,000 followers and is following one Twitter account: YouTube.

However, the North Korean government is hardly opening up with its new online presence, as the content posted on these accounts is pure propaganda and interaction with other users is currently nonexistent.

North Korean media outlet Uriminzokkiri — one of the few local outlets to write in English for a foreign audience — has opened a Twitter account: @uriminzok.