Office Xiao Ye Is The Queen of Lunch Hour

Office lunch will never be the same again. Simply known by her Weibo username “Office Xiao Ye,” the professional foodie proves you can have a gourmet meal from the comfort of your desk — all you need is a little dedication. Her videos are half-unbelievable, half-clever and completely delicious!

Watch them all below. We bet that you, too, will be thinking of trying these out for yourself.


This Lunch Is “A-Skewer”

Don’t put that portable heater away! Office Xiao Ye prepares some well-seasoned skewers without any problems. If we were to guess, it’s lamb kebobs with cumin seasoning and chili powder. Yum! (Scarf knitting is optional, but totally recommended).


Iron Out the Beef

If you ever thought, “How can I grill meat while finishing my daily reports?”, then wonder no more! Office Xiao Ye has a simple way to do just that by using a book, foil and an iron. All you need is your own thin-sliced beef and lettuce wrap.


Pop Like A Pro

It might not be lunch time yet, but sometimes you just need to take a break. Why not enjoy some freshly popped popcorn? All you need is a soda can and a candle. Wait until the end to see how Office Xiao Ye sets up her desk for the ultimate K-drama watching experience.


Drinking Fountain Hot Pot

A professional foodie is not limited by her surroundings. In our favorite Office Xiao Ye video, we watch her turn a drinking fountain into the ultimate office hot pot lunch. From broth to handmade noodles, this girl is amazing! Bonus tip: in case you can’t quite crush your own chili powder, there’s always a convenience store nearby to help you out.


Are you ready to try one of these office lunch hacks? Or maybe you have some of your own? Let us know!