On July 4th Link Up With These 5 Asian Hotdogs

Having to eat the same old generic hotdogs on the Fourth of July can be the wurst. With over 150 million hotdogs being consumed each Independence Day, it’s time to spice things up. This year, win the cookout by bringing out these five Asian hotdogs:

1. Street-Style Corn Dog (Korean)


Your dad’s puns don’t have to be the only things cheesy and corny at the cookout. A smorgasbord of bread crumbs, sriracha ketchup and, of course, cheese, Korean corn dogs are a Declaration of Independence from blandness.

2. “Tender Juicy” Hotdog (Filipino)


The red stripes of the American flag symbolizes hardiness and valor. Celebrate those patriotic virtues by throwing a few of these firetruck-colored frankfurters on your grill this Independence Day.

3. Da Chang Bao Xiao (Taiwan)


Yo dawg, heard you like hot dogs, so we put a hot dog in your hot dog—a sweet sticky rice, meat-filled dog. Top it off with anything from wasabi to minced garlic, just like the Founding Fathers intended.

4. Hotdog Bun Pastries (China)


Found in its natural habitat, the Chinese bakery, these hotdog buns are fluffier than Gabriel Iglesias. Rolled in dough like a Cardi B music video, these sausages have a puffy outer pastry that’s baked golden brown. For the modern day Paul Reveres on the go this July 4th, pack a few for the road.

5. Khanom Tokyo (Thailand)


Like “pigs in a blanket” on steroids, khanom tokyo is a Thai snack that features a pancake-rolled wiener. A Battle of Bunker Hill-esque clash of sweet and savory, the dish brings the fireworks with its custard cream and pork sausage filling.