Panty Raid: Getting Green Underneath It All

Self-proclaimed Eco-Fashionista Daisy Miclat comes from a big Filipino family, including a niece and sister who contribute to her eco-fashion blog, Unfshnable. As an eco-fashion journalist and stylist, Daisy works on photo shoots where she uses nothing but vintage clothing to showcase upcoming trends. She’s all about being eco-friendly at an affordable price. Here, Daisy continues her series on the greening of your wardrobe.

To begin your Eco-Fashion journey, you gotta start with the basics: your undies! Now more than ever, there are many labels within the industry promoting eco-conscious underwear and lounge wear. Before, it was a bland mix of neutral colors and hardly a selection. Now, Eco-Fashion has become popular and you can find all kinds of style within the lounge wear and intimates collections. Don’t know where to look? Here are my top three favorites to keeping it eco-friendly and stylish.

1. Pact Underwear: This company is dedicated to keeping everything green. The underwear is 95 percent organic cotton and 10 percent of your purchase goes to a certain cause. There are many causes that you can choose from. Currently, the newest cause is for the sea turtles in the gulf of Mexico. Artistic bright patterns on the underwear, this company is far from boring neutrals! Pick your cause and underwear at

2. Eberjay’s Green Goddess Collection: Didn’t think that lingerie would be eco-friendly? This collection is made from 100% organic bamboo jersey. Wear a little lace to boost your inner sexy while being organic!

Eberjey’s Green Goddess collection.

3. People Tree: A great company that helps create fair labor in developing countries. All of the products are being made in developing countries so that they can have enough money to continue living. This noted item is 100% organic cotton. Love the cami slip. It’s comfortable and it’s easy to slip on when you are super tired from a days work.

People Tree.


On a budget? No worries! There are also other ways to keep your lounge wear green. For this lounge wear edition, I’ll show you a couple of ways to create cute and comfy styles that you can wear at home. Here are some pictures courtesy of American Apparel that can help you pick out some cute styles to imitate!

1. The T-shirt. We have a ton! I know I do. To make it your own, here are some ways to making that large t-shirt into something cute and wearable. T-shirts are simple to renew, you can cut around the neck to create an off the shoulder look.

Another new style in trend this year are hanging half shirts. Cut half the bottom half off, and cuff the sleeves to be in style!

2. The Boyfriend Shirt. The shirt that all girls like to sleep in. You always see it on TV, where the model is walking out with nothing but a button up shirt, tousled hair, and a mug of coffee. Keep it even when you’re at home! Not only will it remind you of your loved one, it’s comfortable and you can feel sexy all the time!

Next time you stay home, don’t just throw on anything! You always have to look good when it comes to being an Eco-Fashionista! These tips and tricks will definitely help you in finding comfy and cute clothes to wear around the house. After all, you never know who’s at the door — it just might be your next boyfriend!

— Daisy